Fixed Income Investments

The Importance of Fixed Income Investments

This investment strategy seeks to generate the private investor competitive, consistent, risk managed performance by investing across global fixed-income markets while adding value primarily through market rotation, securities selection, and currency investments.

Our expert team believes in a fundamental, risk-managed investment process that seeks out the best opportunities on a global basis while controlling interest-rate, credit, currency, and liquidity risk.

The Investment team delivers and generates strong, consistent returns by investing primarily in a portfolio of global government, corporate, and securitised debt, including emerging markets and high-yield securities. Currency management seeks to further diversify the portfolio, mitigate risk, and add value.

By expanding the investment universe to include multiple investment markets and we believe we can increase the Investment potential to add value while reducing risk.

The Benefits

Based in highly vetted corporate bonds, these investments are able to deliver the dependability of government bonds, while yielding significantly higher returns.

Interest payments occur on a fixed schedule. This means you’ll know when and where your investment growth will occur. Consistent returns are the backbone of fixed income portfolios.

Invest approach of broad diversification, sound analysis, and professional security tools ensures a comparatively low risk for your investments. Rest easy knowing you’re in good hands.

Our team calculates the expected yield from every corporate bond in a fixed income portfolio. You can sit back and let your investments do the work for you with less hassle, and less worry.